Miss Eda Chen started Kendo at the Hong Kong Kendo Association (HKKA) in July 1986 after joining 13 years in the tennis field.  Miss Eda continued her Kendo training 3 days a week under the instructions of the senior members of the HKKA; later she was coached by Horibe Kazuo, father of Akemi Horibe sensei and Masahiro Horibe sensei and she had attended 2 extra training sessions at the Toshinkan Kendojo in a week.

Team HK for WKC in Taipei

In the past two decades Miss Eda has been involved in the management work with the Association and in the co-ordination of local and international events held locally.  Miss Eda has continued her pursue in the study of Kendo and its principles, coaching and refereeing.  She is one of the national team members in the past 15 years at the World Kendo Championships; as well one of the examiners at the local Kyu / Dan examinations.

Fighting Spirit Certificate

Miss Eda passed the 6Dan (6th grade) in Kendo in May 2005 in Nagoya, Japan in her 4th attempt, and she passed the Renshi (a title awarded to persons, in addition to technical proficiency, indicating the level of one’s achievement with respect to one’s leadership and judgement as a kendoist) in Kyoto in May 2006.

Certificate of Commendation